6 Trendsetting Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Ideas for 2020

6 Trendsetting Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Ideas for 2020

Nowadays, modernism and minimalism go hand in hand. Whether refining the look of an entire home or just giving a fresh look to a dull corner, a minimalist and modern piece of decor will definitely add elegance to a living space.  

The amazing aspect of minimalist furniture is that no matter how you layer them, they work well anywhere they are placed due to their versatility qualities. Minimalism is based on a philosophy that less is more and looks like it will go a long way with ever trending styles. 

Here are some living room and bedroom furniture that will always stay in trend. 


  • Tapered Legs Sofa

For years, designers have been playing safe when it comes to a minimalist yet stylish design sofas for a living room. Nothing looks more classy than a sofa with tapered legs. It looks stylish and with an open under space and creates an illusion of a spacious area. A minimal and elegant piece to create a great vibe in your living room never goes out of trend. 

Lachlan Sofa
  • Scandinavian Style

The pinnacle of comfort and timeless elegance, a Scandinavian styled sofa is an evergreen choice. It creates a modern feel and enhances the aura of living space. Regardless of anywhere, this style can be placed in a home or office. The soft eye-catching design will draw attention to the room. Also, choosing an elegant color enhances the interior and adds more grace to the place. 

  • Simple and Comfortable Designs

Minimalism is a timeless concept. It revolves around the idea of simple yet classy products. Having a basic designed sofa will never look boring in a home. 

Whether placed for a seating group or used as a primary piece for a living room, they are always a great addition to the home furniture. In addition, they add a new look to the layout without stealing much of the precious floor space. 

Alvina Soa


  • Black & White Bed Frames

One thing that would never go out of style is a combination of black and white. When it comes to the central part of a bedroom, a black & white bed would always look elegant. It can easily blend with any interior and can be dressed with plain linens or plenty of patterned pillows with a variety of color schemes. The best part is it can look amazing in any room, be it your bedroom, guest room or kids room. 

Alexa BedFrame
  • King and Queen Sized Beds

Between sleeping, waking up in the morning, spending time with little ones, plus more, we spend a lot of hours in our bedroom. In that case, how can anyone go wrong with a king/queen-sized bed in their room? It is an ultimate design of furniture that has been in trend for a long time and won’t go out of style any time soon. The king/queen design always adds grace to a bedroom and intensifies the interiors. 

Christine Bed Frame
  • Platform Bed Frame

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the master suite or gearing up the guest room for visitors, a stylish platform bed would always be the best pick. A perfect example of minimalist style, it will blend perfectly with any kind of decor and interiors. A platform framed bed would add a flair of grandeur and be one of the trending furniture items in the long run. 

So, these were some of the furniture items that will always be on-trend. Definitely, there are a lot more too, but these can help you make an awesome addition to spruce up the look of your bedroom and living room. Look for the best furniture store in Melbourne and other places and make a wise choice for your home decor.