5 Minimalist Living Room Furniture Ideas For A Sleek Look

Minimalistic Living room furniture ideas

Nothing like a swanky pad in the world’s most livable city in the world, Melbourne which is “the” place to be if you are more about living life than breathing through it. And if you got an adobe in this “Australian Broadway”, and you are looking for the best living room furniture in Melbourne then this is it!

Here we bring you to top 5 pared-down aesthetically gorgeous minimalistic ideas to speed you up on in vogue décor craze and help you buy the best for your living space: 


The minimalist living room needs to tread on the lines of mono-color such as white or light grey scheme with a splash of few eyeball-arresting pop colors. Select the base color, if you may say, and then place the furniture like a baby pink vase, royal blue ottoman, and some eccentric lights to accentuate that theme of your room. Avoid using bold colors too much and keep it subtle.


Golden Rule- Nothing too overt! Keep it organic and natural. Place an appealing Clovis Coffee Table near the window, put Abella Armchair (Melbourne Australia as quite some option for that!) for those late-night reads or movies and let your entertainment empire settle on a Madelon Entertainment TV Unit. Make sure all the elements come together to give your living room a coherent look.

Clovis Coffee Table


Yes, modern can be classy and you don’t have to get stuck in the 1900s to add character to your space. Give your room a very au courant feel by buying the best living room sofa in Moorabbin such as Lachlan 3 Seater Sofa which is one of our favorites. Add the element of Madelon Coffee Table which brings functionality and classiness together. Just remember not to stuff your room and you will be fine.



If you want some natural strokes around your minimalistic setup, then go for those verdant angels around windows and bookshelves. Plants give a very appealing and open-air look to the living room and are a smart addition to your space (Read free oxygen).


With shades of whites and greys and few pop colors in-between, add some drama to your room with charcoal or black elements such as blinds or curtains to give your living area a very theatrical vibe.

We know the struggle of selection living room furniture is too real and those Instagram pictures can do a number on your sweetheart. But now, all you have got to do is to reel in the best living room furniture in Melbourne by keeping the aforementioned points in your mind to get those wide-opened eyes of admiration (a little bit of envy too).