Home Hacks For A Minimalist Lifestyle

Home Hacks for a Minimalist Life

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “minimalism”? Dull rooms with no fancy stuff? Or do you picture a cold space with dim lights and colorless walls?

Well, it’s not like that.

Minimalism is finding the balance between what’s important and what’s not. It is getting rid of things that do not serve a purpose and keep the ones that do. Minimalist living is all about having few distractions, owning less stuff and spending less amount of money. 

Minimalism goes by the rule – “less is more”. 

Having simple and decluttered things would lead to a harmonious and happy life. Investing in elegant pieces that would last for a long time is much better than filling up homes with useless, huge, and fancy stuff.  

How to begin a minimalist lifestyle? 

Our lifestyle is determined by our daily habits and the places we spend most of the time. We all know the most relaxing place is home and our routines start and end there. 

Here are a few tips to make changes to your homes and move towards a minimalist life:-


Living Room

Get rid of the clutter

Decluttering is the first and the most important step to minimalist living. Each and every corner should be tidy & clear. Donate or dispose of the items no longer in use. Keep the furniture and decor clean and sorted. If it seems like a huge task, try setting a weekly reminder to be regular. 

Select items wisely

In a minimalist living room, each item should make a great contribution. Every piece needs to add a vibe to the room. Just three basic furniture items – a pair of chairs and a coffee table can give a strong impression. In addition, you can use white and light curtains to let natural lights to peep in. 

Minimalist furniture

Go for quality over quantity. Choose high-quality pieces rather than too many furnished items. Stick to straight and sleek looks for a minimal style. Also, there is the availability of sofas and tables with storage spaces. Keep the area clean by hiding things in the enclosed drawers and shelves. Always prefer furniture with hidden storage. There is a wide variety of living room furniture online in Melbourne and other places.



Make your bed minimally

A minimal bed would not only give you comfort but also a great space for the room. If in doubt go for a low platform bed. Keep the bedding simple with a white linen sheet and a pair of pillows. A few cushions can also be added depending upon your space. But do not add extra stuff to create a mess. 

Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Choose the beds or other bedroom furnishing items with storage spaces. There are beds with hidden storage boxes that can be used to keep less-used stuff. A side table with a few drawers can also opt as decor and useful items. Ami bedside table is a classy item for your bedroom available at the best furniture stores in Melbourne.

Go monochrome

Monochrome shades in the bedroom make your space as relaxing as possible. The simple and light colors will give your bedroom a clean and open look. You can choose from palettes of greys or white or light blues & purples. 



Sell or donate less worn clothes

If something doesn’t fit you, it doesn’t belong to your closet anymore. Give away the unused and not worn for long clothes. Keep the outfits you wear often and get rid of the ones just taking your valuable space. Organized and decluttered closet will make you feel happy and relaxed. 

Choose the design smartly

A closet is an item that is used to keep most of the stuff. Choose the one which can be used for storage and gives the room an elegant look as well. There are many designers and modern styles available nowadays. Select the closet with a simple and sleek style for a minimalist look. 

Making your lifestyle all about minimalism would seem a difficult task at first, but eventually, it will be refreshing and peaceful. Having elegant and clean items around would always give a sense of relief. So, begin decluttering and give your space a fresh look.