6 Tips to Choose the Right-Sized Bed for Your Modern Bedroom

Tips to choose Right-Sized Bed

Fixing the décor of your bedroom has an unadulterated allure and a sense of elation to it. Picking the right furniture for space, choosing the right color for the walls, filling the space with discrete yet impactful pieces to complement the furniture; bedroom décor can be as fun as you want it to be. And when it comes to picking the right sized bed for your modern bedroom, it isn’t a herculean task, to begin with yet to spoil you a little more, we present you 6 indispensable cues to let you choose the right-sized bed for your bedroom so that your space represents you in true sense while looking a lot more suave and little bit sassy-

It is about spotting the spot

No matter how spectacularly sprawling your space is or whether it is nice and cozy; finding the right space for your bed is of vital importance. Place it in the wrong corner and you might end up bumping into it every time you walk into your bedroom or keep it in a light-less corner and your sleeping throne might feel too gloomy to lay on after a hard day at work. Pick a spot that has adequate natural light and if not, at least can be illuminated by sufficient lights. Try to place your bed near the window so that the first thing you get to see in the morning is the soothing swaying of trees down the street or listen to honeyed sound of birds.

Love with the shape of it

Traditional square shaped beds are passé. If you are looking to give your bedroom a more chic and modern look, then eye some rounded shapes or asymmetrically shaped beds to suit your needs and your space. You can try to rummage through some unique propositions by jamming in “bedroom furniture online Melbourne” on your computer or just march on your feet right to the furniture store near you to pick the one you love. Pick different to be different.

Be smart with space

Since space optimization is a fad right now, it makes sense to put some storage boxes in your bed. Be it pull out drawers or hydraulic ones, a bed with a storage unit not only makes more sense ergonomically but also lets your de-clutter your space by doing away with too many wardroom units. You can pick queen size, king-size, super-king size and even emperor style beds to meet your needs but putting in some storage boxes makes a lot of sense, no matter how big or how small your bedroom space is.

It should fit fine and look good too

Yes, this write-up is all about right shaped bed for your bedroom but it will be a shame to pick a bed that fits just fine but looks like a true eye sour. When picking the right sized bed for your space, ensure that it complements the décor as well as the color scheme of walls. It should stand out in a pleasant way yet form a part of a perfect confluence of various elements of bedroom décor. You can try to find affordable furniture online Moorabbin for a better idea of what is hot in the furniture market in the bed segment right now before you spend your moolah on it.

Mystics of colors

The right bed can feel oversized if its colors are off. A bed with a color tone similar to the walls tends to flush in the surroundings giving the space airier feel which darker shaded tend to stand out and give more jammed in look. So when you are picking a bed that should fit perfectly, keeps in the color scheme of the headboard and frame of the bed in mind when juxtaposed with the surrounding colors and you will be able to make a perfect bed-shopping call. 


Don’t be a stickler for just one idea! If you have to find the right-sized bed considering all the elements mentioned above, do not fail to experiment with other layouts. Small differences here and there can drastically change the way your bedroom appears so let your creative juices flow. Try to switch various elements in the bedroom to see how it all works and you never know, you might be able to find better than the best for your bedroom décor.

So there you have it. Some of the cues but definitely not limited to these 6, to help you make a wise call when picking a right sized bed for your bedroom. Don’t hold back to run wild with these ideas and mixing in your thoughts while picking the best for yourself. Good luck!